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Straidbilly Primary School, Liscolman, Ballymoney


Welcome to Mrs Clark's P3/4 class. We love working hard and having lots of fun in our class.

Below is a overview of what your child will be learning this term.


Language & Literacy – During Term 1


  • Developing active listening skills.
  • Sharing as a class and in groups, ideas and experiences.

READING (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Recognising and reading high frequency words quickly in context.
  • Reading for meaning – answering questions on the text.
  • Developing phrasing and fluency.

WRITING (At appropriately differentiated levels)

We will be working on correct letter formation, sizing and spacing, including writing on lines.

We will also be carrying out modelled, shared and guided work on:

  • Segmenting and blending phonemes to build words.
  • Writing simple sentences.
  • Writing simple instructions using command verbs.
  • Using time language.


Mathematics & Numeracy – During Term 1 we will be studying:


  • Number work within 30 and then 50 or 100+– reading, writing, sequencing and ordering.
  • Counting forwards and backwards in ones within 50 from different starting numbers.
  • Odd and even numbers within 20.
  • Addition and subtraction with/without a number line.
  • Number bonds to 10.
  • Money – coin recognition, different ways to make amounts within 50p and £5.00 for P4 for the class shop.


  • Using parts of the body to estimate and measure length.
  • Estimating and measuring length, weight and area using non-standard units and standard units of one metre.
  • Revise o’clock and half past using analogue and digital time.

Shape &Space

  • Recognising and using the mathematical names for a range of 2D shapes.
  • Use 2 criteria diagrams to sort and group 2D shapes.

Handling Data

  • Collecting information and recording it in a table using a Venn Diagram and a tree diagram.

Mental Maths

  • Working on quick recall of addition and subtraction number facts for each of the numbers up to 10, 20 reaching 100.

World Around Us (Topic Work)

Our topic this term is "Australia". The children will be developing knowledge and skills in various areas of the curriculum.

Some of the activities we will be involved in include:

  • Learning where we are in relation to Australia. 
  • Making our own Digeridoo.
  • Understanding why Australia has opposite weather patterns.
  • Making Australian art.
  • Trying Australian food.
  • Creating graphs on data collected on Australia weather.
  • Learning about the life of Charles Darwin.


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