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Straidbilly Primary School, Liscolman, Ballymoney


We love working hard in P1/P2 and having lots of fun playing together. Our teachers are Mrs Ramsey & Mrs Elliott.


During Term 1 we will be studying:


  • Look for and talk about patterns in the environment
  • Understand one-to-one correspondence

e.g. matching one cup to one saucer

  • Sorting a variety of coins
  • Making and counting sets
  • Reading, counting, writing and exploring numbers within five


  • Understand and use the language associated with length
  • Understand and use the language associated with time

Handling Data

  • Sort collections of materials and talk about how they have been sorted

Shape and Space

  • Talk about shapes in their environment
  • Copy simple patterns

Mental Maths

  • Learning to count through number rhymes, songs and stories

Talking & Listening

  • Learning to listen
  • Taking turns to speak
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Reciting nursery rhymes

Reading (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Enjoying and talking about stories
  • Know that print carries meaning and is read from left to right and top to bottom
  • Naming the parts of a book

e.g. front, back, spine


Writing (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Find and recognise their name
  • Holding their pencil correctly
  • Controlling their pencil along different shapes and lines
  • Correct use of scissors
  • Tracing/writing their name


  • Learning the skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation using sounds ‘a,i,m,s,t,n,o,p,b,c,g,h,d,e,f’


21st Dec 2023
P7 absolutely LOVE spending time with their buddies from Primary One and Reception. ...
8th Sep 2023
After a busy first week at school, the P1 pupils were ready to meet their P7 buddies! ...

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