Shared education

Sharing knowledge and resources

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In Straidbilly, we enjoy a positive and healthy working partnership with Barnish Primary School in Ballyvoy. Our two schools have been closely linked for over twenty years through cross-community initiates including E.M.U. (Education for Mutual Understanding) and P.I.E.E Project (Primary Integration/ Enriching Education). Over the years the staff have worked together to develop schemes of work for Personal Development and Mutual Understanding and the World Around Us as well as sharing some resources and appointing a shared teacher.


Now through the Shared Education Signature Project (SESP) we continue to work together in providing meaningful experiences for our pupils by developing shared lessons and projects in PE, PDMU and Literacy and purchasing some shared PE and Literacy resources. The pupils are very much enjoying working and playing with their friends in Barnish and it is our aim this to involve the whole whole school community by enlisting the help of our PTA and Friends of Barnish in the planning and organisation of a summer celebration event at which parents will be most welcome.

Through SESP, we are further strengthening community links with two local Post Primary Schools – Ballycastle High School and Cross and Passion College – school which some of our pupils will transfer to. We are already working closely with Ballycastle High School in the KS2/KS3 transition project.