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P7 travelled to Belfast to the Radar Centre to learn more about safety.

They had great fun!

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P6/7 wrote cheques to each other for huge amounts of money! Shame they weren’t real!

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We were really fortunate to be invited by Gaelectric to the Opening ceremony of the new Cloonty windfarm a short distance from school. Four of us won the competition to name each of the turbines! They are now called Spin MacCool, Zephyros, Blade Runner and Straidbilly Giant. We are really proud to have these names attached to the wind turbines.

We had a wonderful experience touring the inside of a turbine, finding out how they work and learning about just how effective they are in creating energy for us to use. It has made us think more carefully about how we can use the earth’s resources and how we should work hard to protect them in the future.